Team Motivation

Learn how to successfully bring out the best in your team and your client relationships through positive influence.  Team building is designed to help empower team members to improve their individual communication styles within the team dynamic. Understand your personal communication style and learn how to effectively express ideas, build consensus and empower others by focusing and capitalizing on everyone’s strengths. Learn how to read the different communication styles of others and create stronger teamwork during team meetings, projects and deadline stress through a more influential style of communication.

Amplifying a win-win attitude to influence peer, team and client relationships during important negotiations. Be an influencer who builds and inspires positive consensus in groups with common professional goals.

  • Present ideas that quickly enable buy-in from clients, teammates, or when pitching to senior levels for approval
  • Develop better listening and communication skills by learning to listen and acknowledge others valued points-of-view
  • Identify individual strengths to successfully motivate and delegate within the team
  • Understand, support and empower other peoples ideas
  • Working through conflict of opinions to build consensus
  • Selling versus Telling: Using influence rather than dominance