Personal branding

As a Personal Brand coach and Powerful Presence facilitator I am able to draw from over 20 years of versatile skills acquired through my experience in business development, marketing, media, recruiting and performing experience, to guide awareness and enhance skills in my clients. I deliver coaching and training programs that align personal aspirations and competencies with team performance goals.

Services offered

  • Coaching
  • Consulting & Interactive Workshops
  • Career Transition

Learn how to express yourself and your sense of purpose in a more compelling way. Developing your personal brand through storytelling while networking, pitching business and interviewing helps you build a more authentic, descriptive expression of yourself.

Let your genuine qualities shine during networking events, meetings and interviews.  Attract your audience by being more dynamic and memorable. Land new opportunities, new clients and new jobs.

Build your personal brand, tell your interview stories with more depth, interest and resonance.


  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Express your brand with a compelling authentic message
  • Engage your listeners
  • Transform your confidence