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Powerful Communication Workshop:

The ability to connect with others is paramount in a busy world driven by business, metrics, and multiple social media platforms.  Whether we’re leading, responding, interacting with others professionally or personally –  or building rapport and networking with new contacts – we are humans. We need real and meaningful communication and authentic connection that aligns our personalities, values and interests to those in others.

Powerful Communication is a workshop aimed to deepen awareness by teaching and creating active strategies that help us ALIGN and CONNECT to people.

WHO does this workshop benefit? Anyone who wants to improve personal interaction and connection with other people.

  • Networking
  • Job prospecting
  • Sales prospecting
  • Client meetings
  • Internal meetings
  • Business interactions
  • Leading a team

Here’s what people are saying about this workshop…

“Athena gives an informative, engaging, dynamic and dazzling presentation. Want to put your best foot forward in your professional life? Then you want to attend one of her informative workshops.”

“Empowering and relevant to current situations.”

“This is an excellent talk that brings further clarity and focus in the way we communicate and connect to others.”

“Excellent presentation.”

“Very professional and informative.”

“I learned a lot about myself.”

“I felt more positive and confident. Very thought-provoking on how to communicate with people.”

“It was very inspiring.”

“This presentation helped me to gain a new perspective of myself and possibly how others see me!  Also a new definition of success.”

“The facilitator had energy, a beautiful smile and used several interactive games to engage the audience.”

“Very engaging presenter. Good mix of presentation and interactive activities. Friendly and approachable.”

“I learned about – knowing and understanding personality traits, personal branding and presenting yourself to be well-respected by others.”