Career Switching: Are you ready?

CAREER SWITCHING: How to be realistic and successful in your ambition and desire for change.

Interested in making a career move? Do you crave a NEW more desirable job or career change?

Are you excited by the idea of moving to a fresh new industry, or shooting for a new and slightly more challenging role or promotion? Maybe you want to experience a new type of company? Whatever that big change entails, it can be daunting. Here’s the good news…our greatest fear often stems from a simple lack of information. Once we fill in the blanks, it’s not so scary!

Many job switchers are too fearful to push themselves out of their comfort zone to go after the career or job they really want. In reality, they may be closer to success than they even realize, but they simply didn’t have enough information to know that! They may get discouraged or feel stuck before they even venture down that path, forcing them to potentially stagnate, doing what they already know.

Here’s the thing…most employers love people who aspire to grow, learn, adapt and challenge themselves. It says a lot about your character and potential when you’re willing stretch and grow. As long as your transferable skills hold enough relative value to the desired role, and you demonstrate passion for the opportunity and capability to rise to new challenges — you may be well worth the risk. Employers love candidates who bring fresh skills, new ideas, different industry perspectives and experience to the table. Perhaps your hybrid industry knowledge, special skills or previous experience could prove to be just the right new mix to make you uniquely great for the job, and highly desirable!

It all boils down to knowing your PERSONAL BRAND and learning how to capitalizing on your TRANSFERABLE SKILLS.

When assessing unknown opportunities, listen to your gut. Does it feel right? Find out as much as you can to turn any “unknowns” into “known facts”. Take action: Confidence comes from what we do or don’t do. The more you know, the less you’ll fear.

Take my Self-test now to see if you are you ready for a big change.
• How well do you know your strengths and your most transferable skills?
• How confident are you, expressing your Personal Brand and unique qualities?
• How passionate are you about this area of change?
• How comfortable are you with change?
• Are you ready, open and adaptable to learn and grow?
• Are you a quick, capable and willing learner for the new subject matter or skills required?
• Are you assessing the opportunity realistically against your natural or transferable skills combined with any new skill areas you’d be challenged to stretch?
• Does this opportunity for change require special skills, talent or credentials you lack? (Be real about this. Remember – if you’re tone deaf, you’re not cut out for that music career you always fantasized about).
• When you read your desired job description, do you feel confident saying, “yes I have this” to 80% of the desired traits listed?
• Do you feel confident that you can learn, grow and manage the other 20% required to “stretch” for this job?

Most job changes are realistically achievable with the right skills, attitude, network, support, resources, effort and passion to succeed. The only thing stopping you is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Step out of your comfort zone – FIND OUT MORE! Ask lots of questions, research the area of change: learn about new companies, industries or roles. Gather as much information as you can to feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Interview people already doing the job. Find people who’ve made similar career changes and learn how they succeeded. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: people are flattered when you take a genuine interest in their experiences and stories. Once you succeed – pay it forward for others.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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